On the last Sunday of every month Marben hosts a special dinner - we went for taco night. Toronto has great tacos but these were a cut above. They came in a set of three - pork belly, braised beef and pickerel – all different and equally as sumptuous. But the regular menu is fantastic too so we also tried the patatas bravas – completely addictive, the grilled octopus salad with chorizo and blood orange dressing and the amazing tomato salad with goat cheese. It's a ball of goat cheese dipped in gelled tomato water numerous times to resemble tomato skin and set on a bed of dried black olive ‘dirt’  It looked sensational and tasted even better. And don’t miss dessert – vanilla panna cotta with strawberry gazpacho and nutella brulee were both incredible.


August, 2013

488 Wellington Street West
416 979 1990