Borough Market

Borough Market is the biggest and most exciting food market in London. If you haven’t been and you love food you have to go. Here are just a few of my fave places in and around the market:

Kappacasein Dairy: I love grilled cheese sandwiches and love the ones here the best! They make them with three kinds of cheese, a salsa of five types of onions and use Poilane sourdough bread. They also serve Raclette with potatoes that looked so amazing – next time.

3BIS Gelateria: This may be the best gelato ever. Fig and mascarpone is my favourite. So far.

Monmouth Coffee: Said to be the best coffee in London. I haven’t had all the coffee in London but it’s great and breakfast is really fun too.

Konditor & Cook: I love the look of their Curly Whirly cakes and make my own version at home for family birthday cakes.

October, 2014

Borough Market
8 Southwark Street
+44 20 7407 1002