Fogo Island Inn

One of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The dining room was sitting on the edge of the ocean and no matter what time of day you were there, the view was spectacular. The food was the perfect combination of exciting yet based on tradition - from the wake-up basket at your door at 6am (coffee, daily vegetable juice and pastries) to breakfast (anything from oatmeal to cod cakes topped with poached eggs), lunch (from cod chowder to open-faced sandwiches with local baby shrimp) and dinner (from fresh and salted cod with spicy pork and mussels to Newfoundland scallops with pickled green black currants and marshberries). Delicious. If you are staying at the inn your meals are included but if you are staying at a B&B and the dining room at the inn has room, you can make reservations for dinner.


August, 2015

Fogo Island Inn
Fogo Island
709 658 3444
or 855 268 9277