Corporate Services

Bonnie-Stern-5Bonnie Stern has worked with various food manufacturers, grocery chains, restaurants, chefs, health professionals as well as cookware manufacturers, etc., offering a wide variety of corporate services, such as:

Corporate culinary events:
Bonnie has reorganized her corporate classes to include dinners integrated with nutritionists, etiquette experts and noted Canadian authors for outstanding evenings of humour, learning and delicious food.

She also leads partial participation events and custom culinary adventures to markets, wineries and restaurants.

All corporate events will be planned and hosted by Bonnie personally.

Recipe development: With over thirty seven years experience teaching cooking, Bonnie knows just what information people need in recipes to succeed. The recipes also taste so good that people want to make them over and over again. Bonnie has an amazing reputation as a creator of recipes that always work and taste delicious.

Menu consultation: Bonnie knows the variety necessary in creating a perfect menu for a special occasion or menu for a restaurant.

Personal chef training: Now that more and more people are hiring personal chefs, an industry has built up around the need for people who can cook interesting and delicious family meals. Wouldn’t it be great if their food tasted as good as Bonnie’s?

For detailed information and other corporate services,
please call: 416 484 4810

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